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Why Champagne & Social Media?

5 years ago on a complete whim,

I decided to start an Instagram page

to document my motherhood journey,
warts and all.

I’d just got married and had an excessive amount of champagne I couldn’t drink as I was pregnant with my second child.

Surrounded by fizz, a growing bump and a needy 5-year-old my Instagram page 'Champagne and Snotty Noses' was born.

The stark contrast between the extravagant fizz and my slummy Mummy reality just seemed fitting. 

Once my baby was born I found a flair for creating raw content that wasn’t typical to the usually staged ‘perfection’ we see on Instagram and my community grew as a result. Over the years my platform grew organically and I now have a lovely engaged audience of over 6k followers. 

Taking pictures has always been a hobby of mine and combined this with my engaged audience I seized the opportunity to support many fantastic businesses, to help advertise their fantastic products and services. I’ve worked with some fantastic brands such as Krispy Kreme, Marks and Spencer as some amazing local businesses.

3 years later I started my social media support business and Champagne and Social Media made sense. Unfortunately with 2 kids and a rabbit I’m far more prosecco than champagne these days.

Outsourcing your social media to
someone who loves it

frees up valuable time you can can spend elsewhere.

Melanie ShanksMelbarry Accountants
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Yvonne really knows her stuff, is incredibly hard working and is easy to work with.(...)Having a social media manager ensures that my time is spent on other aspects of my business such as my clients' needs.

I love connecting with my clients and we really get each other.

We share authenticity and oodles of passion for what we do and with our combined skillset will we go far in business. And how do we do that?

1. Building confidence

I help their confidence with social media so they don’t need to be terrified of it anymore.

2. The long term plan

I make a point of not making myself indispensable, so that when they flee my nest they are comfortable posting and I’m a proud social media fairy.

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