Have you got a
fantastic business?

Is that translating into your social media content?

Week after week

I chat to amazing businesses

who are super time-poor,

and the first ball to get dropped is social media. Often people throw up a couple of posts a week, don’t see instant results and give up. That’s where I come in!

Whether you don't have time or social media simply isn't your thing -

I can make your life easier. My style of working ensures your social media shows just how amazing your business is while freeing up some vital time for you.

Taking on a social media manager can seem like an overwhelming step but my main role is to make your life easier. All my clients are different and that’s the beauty of it. They all have their own unique style and way of working and by mirroring their style I can reduce their workload and make sure their social media is on point. 

If you want a social media manager to just run with it so you can kick back and have no part in it, I can do that. 

If you want to be involved with ideas and writing content, I can also do that. Whatever works for you, works for me.

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A few words from my amazing clients.

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Janice GrantHypnotherapist
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Yvonne's posts kept folks engaged with my business pages. My studio is open for business again [since Covid lockdowns] and the first post lockdown promotion Yvonne did for me has been very successful Yvonne is worth her weight in gold.
Fiona& CarolineFood 4 Friends
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Yvonne offers a consistently high level of customers service, always going the extra mile, and her level of enthusiasm for our company is really appreciated. Would not hesitate to recommend her services!
Eileen MacdonaldFairy Sleep Mother
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Yvonne has been my saviour! What a fantastic service. Yvonne is dedicated and reliable, not only is she visually creative but she's organised and helps my socials to be full of personality.

2020 shizz

2020 was a year wasn’t it?

What a year to have a small business,

and we all had to adapt in some way. Over 2020 and into this year I’ve helped many businesses move online. I was approached by businesses who had never even used social media contacted me, unable to trade and in an understandable state of panic. Together we adapted and showed just how resilient we were, completely transforming the way we worked as a result.

By using social media,

you have the ability to tap into a whole new audience and step out of your comfort zone. Many businesses are now stronger than ever as a result of quality social media content. If this is a scary concept for you, I can help!